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I got these probably in the mid 90's. One of the early type of tilt pens that wasn't connected to a location, but not as hip as having a "theme". Not a great design, but still worth having in the collection.




Secrets once vital to the safety of our nation are now laid bare in this pen. Cool!



The cow wanders into the "Meat Processing" building, and out comes a hamburger. I'm not sure who created this one? The Beef Council, or the Vegetarian Council? But I think it's a good example of the "into the thing, out of the thing" float pen.


The Day of the Dead

. . .







This one came in right around the same time as baseball. The design is pretty cool - the hands move across over the drum set. A good illustrating point in the evolution of these things.


From the same creator as the drums, it's easy to tell this person is a jazz fan as well as a great float pen designer. Somewhere out there is a pair of hands floating across piano keys.