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Florence, Italy

A horse drawn carriage crosses that big open square near the Uffizi. David is really a few blocks away, inside, where its warm.



The Great Seattle Fire of 1889

Finally, some action! Here we see Seattle on fire. Certainly worth writing home about.


Munich, Germany



Pisa, Italy

Out and about in front of the church and tower


Indianapolis, Indiana



Rome, Italy

This is what I call the "Fatty" style. I have a few from Italy and one from Barcelona that are Fattys. Otherwise, I've never seen them anywhere else.


Winchester Mystery House - San Jose, CA

The woman in the carriage is Sarah Winchester herself, and its based on the only known photograph of this wealthy but disturbed (but wealthy) woman. Heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune, she was told by her psychic to build and build and build her house, so as to confuse all the poor souls who were killed by Winchester Rifles and would try to haunt her.

As a result, the house has stairways to nowhere, rooms with windows but no doors, and doors that open up to a 2-story drop.