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Assisi, Italy

Here we see St Francis and a barnyard animal out in front of the church. This style of tilt pen is not as elegant as the usual style. But as a keepsake of your pilgrimage to Assisi, it's tough to beat.


The Vatican

Some pens from the Vatican, these have the Swiss Guard marching out in front of St Peters.


2 Guards instead of 3

One of these was actually purchased on the roof of St Peters. Along with a Pope John Paul II bottle opener. Possibly the closest to heaven I'll ever get.


Pope John Paul II



Pisa, Italy

A family (of tourists?) strolls in front of the baptistery, duomo and tower of Pisa. I was hoping to see Galileo drop an apple off the top onto Isaac Newton's head. Isn't that what really happened?


Rome, Italy

Here we see the history of Ancient Rome encapsulated perfectly. You got your Romulus and Remus, working that teat as if their lives depended on it. Got your Coliseum, one of the most magnificent structures ever made. And then you got your Arch of Constantine, which is important for some reason or another. Probably because it's still standing, my guess. Some people have written volumes about ancient Rome, but all they needed was this pen.




Venice, Italy

One of the most amazing cities on the planet, and finally a tourist memento to reflect that status. This is the big bridge across the Grand Canal. The Rialto, I think.


That big famous square

Piazza San Marco. Is that it? Good thing we buy these pens to remind us…


House of Parliament, London, England

I lived in England for a year back in the late 80's. Had a blast, but they weren't really big on tilt pens. This one has a nondescript boat cruising the Thames in front of Parliament.



Here's a one-of-a-kind style. A little handmade bagpiper dude just floats in there. I can't remember where I got this one. I don't think it was in Scotland.

But it gets an A+ for design.



Berchtesgaden, Germany

Mt Zugspitze

These were a gift from a friend who went to Germany. I like these because I was actually at these places when I was 4 years old, but didn't have the sense to start collecting at that early age.


The Palio, Siena, Italy

Theres a famous race that happens here. It's been going on for centuries. They run around the center of town, which is a big open plaza. The race is only 2 minutes or so, but the lead up and celebrations afterwards last for weeks.