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The Scream




Anima Sola

The Lonely Soul, trapped in Purgatory.


Barcelona, Spain

I still haven't made it there, and in case I never do, I'll always have this pen. From what I've heard about the city, it seems like this pen sums it up - crazy architecture and a lot of it. And they're proud of it, too.



Michelangelo's Pieta

It slides across the floor. I really like this one.


Botticelli's Primavera

Botticelli would be proud.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum, Venice

Peggy Guggenheim had a terrific house in Venice, and it is now a terrific museum. Certainly worth a visit next time you're in Venice.

I think the gondola is a little too big in this scene. I may not know much about float pens, but I know what I like.


Guggenheim, New York City

A cab makes the run from the Upper East Side's Guggenheim to Soho's Guggenheim. Note how the classic Lloyd Wright design is juxtaposed by the industrial Soho style, balanced by the bold yellow of the - oh, sorry. What I mean to say is this is cool.


New York City Subway

But is it ART?


The Getty, Malibu

The Getty, Los Angeles

By the way - the $1billion price tag on the construction did NOT include the cost of this pen.



Claus Oldenburg

I still don't "get" Oldenburg's stuff. But I did "get" this pen. I just hope he appreciates how non-discriminating I can be.