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This web site is to show the world my terrific float pen collection. I started collecting these things for absolutely no good reason about 10 years ago, and now I've got close to 200 of the things. Although you don't find them everywhere - Papua New Guinea and Morocco are 2 countries sorely lacking - I have managed to get a few oddballs. I've purchased them on the roof of St Peters, I've purchased them while hearing my final boarding call at the airport gate, and I've even purchased them with money that should have gone to the essentials, like food, water and beer.

Like any serious art collector, I have certain criteria that must be met. Number 1, does it float? Number 2, is it a pen? If not, is it a toothbrush? Number 3, is it less than $5? Number 4, do I have it already?

After that, I get even more fussy. Good float pen design is not easy. I have a few ideas, but because of the price involved, I will hold off until I know I have a good moneymaker. Until then, I can freely criticize and praise all the designers out there who put a lot of effort into making something so simple a lot of fun.

Well, okay, not a lot of fun. But I do admit, when I find a good float pen, it can actually make me forget all the hassles and worries and annoyances of everyday life and give me something to smile about. Not an easy thing for a pen (or toothbrush) to do.

Anyway, it's tough to appreciate them all at once, especially when they don't "float". Hopefully I'll animate some of them soon. For now, hope you enjoy the collection.






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