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This is the big tower in Toronto. Not the Space Needle. The telecom tower? I should really research this stuff before deciding to build a website around it. Anyway, got this one up at the top. There are sections in the floor up there where there's just glass between your feet and the ground below. As far as tall structures go, this is one of the best.


The Stratosphere, Las Vegas

Only in Vegas would they put a rollercoaster and a tow-you-up-slowly-and-drop-you-like-a-rock ride at the top of the tallest building.


Empire State Building

The granddaddy of cool tall buildings. Adding King Kong was a great idea, but we only see half the building. What were they thinking?



The Big Apple

King Kong drops the "Big Apple" off the Empire State Building.

Another flawed design.




Lets try it again. Everything is right, but the colors are whacked and cartoony. You know, they can put a man on the moon, but the cant come up with the right King Kong float pen.



The Space Needle - - Seattle, Washington


. . . . . . .

Why do I need 2?

A man with one Space Needle float pen knows how tall it really is.

A man with two is never sure...