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There are Dolphins in the Santa Monica Bay. I saw them early one morning when I was out on a boat on a film shoot. Unfortunately, this pen has some writing on the lower barrel that says "Santa Monica, California". Which I hate.




One ladybug moves along. The backside is like a static picture of this.





I picked this one up in …where? Go on, guess? That's right, I was in Australia for a day. I like the Koala climbing the tree, but whats with the gray? They ran out of red Down Under?


T-Rex Brontosaurus




I like cows. I like good puns. I like this pen.






I had to put this one in the animal category, because if I put this one under Europe, I'll probably break my spell checker when I type in the name of where this is from.



Crane? Osprey? Pelican?

I'm just too lazy to look it up.



The official state bird of Minnesota - the Loon

But you knew that already.


Muir Woods

California Redwoods

Crater Lake, OR

Note to hunters: Deer always travel left to right.




From a hotel in Las Vegas.



What are float pens if not barometers of the culture. Not long after I picked this baby up, the movie theaters were packed with people wanting to see a dinosaur movie. There were dinosaur T shirts, books, lunchboxes. You name it. And it all started with a float pen!


Road Runner from New Mexico

Road Runner from Arizona