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The moon drops behind a flying witch, a black cat, a jack-o'lantern and a bat. Cool design.


Fickle Floaty of Fate

This pen answers your question the way a magic 8 ball would - with simple yes/no/maybe answers. The image on the right answered "maybe" to my question: Will I ever finish this dopey website?


Alien Encounter

This one looks more like the Abomnible Snowman is loose in a bottling factory. I guess this designer was bucking the trend of those squinty little pipsqueak aliens we've seen too much of.

But I am glad to see aliens being fairly represented in the float pen arena.


X Ray

. . . . .

This is kind of an odd design. After looking at what happened to the cow on the misc promo page, this one makes me want to avoid getting an x-ray.



Slow Speed Chase

Cops chase a white Bronco up the 405. What are float pens if not cultural barometers? I tell you, I think this one is pure brilliance. The bystanders cheering along the freeway are the tip-off to a great work of float pen design.


Baby Vomit



Good Luck



Welcome to the World

I think this is one of the best. The baby flies thru the air from Mommy to Daddy, and he's got a big old smile on his face. I'm not sure whats up with the color of the lower barrel. I used to work in a plastic bag factory, and when we got that it was because we were switching dyes, and you just had to run that stuff thru to get it out of the machine. But all in all, this is one of my favorites.



I thee wed



Swing Time

Like a dream, the martini magically floats into my hand and - I mean, into, some other guys hand. You know, I used to like this pen more…


Girl in the Cake

Like a dream, the girl pops out of my birthday cake and - well, never mind.